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 Enrichment Activites 

Through Art & Music our students are encouraged to express their feelings, experiences, and ideas through art, music and movement lessons.
These lessons include pasting, painting, coloring, folding, molding and cutting. Students have freedom to use prepared materials on art shelves to express themselves. Through creative art they learn to express their thoughts and feelings that their language skills cannot yet realize. Fine motor, gross motor, auditory discrimination and self expression skills are also refined. The lessons explore famous artist and introduce different mediums and techniques. The children also discover musicians and the different styles of music along with cultural dances.

As part of our Foreign Language lessons, our Spanish curriculum is offered daily. It introduces casual conversation and vocabulary through songs, rhymes, finger plays, and movement activities that children love. Our students learn: 


Days of the week and months of the year

Weather and seasons

Alphabet and number

Classroom objects

Color names

Animal names

Body parts and clothing

Foods and household items 

Family members and actions 

Living in this technology driving society it is important that the child become familiar with the day to day interfaces they are presented with. These can be simple devices like telephones, smart phones, tablets and computers. Our computer lab provides the child with an introduction to the various interfaces (keyboard, mouse, touch screen and touch pad) and how to manipulate them. The student learns the language associated with these technologies. Our Computer Lab provides older students a safe environment to learn the power of discovery and research.

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