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 Summer Camps 

At Loudoun Montessori Summer Camp, our goal is to provide a relaxed summer atmosphere where campers can retain and develop their skills through a combination of exciting adventures and creative opportunities for learning. Campers will have ample time for play, personal growth, and free exploration all while forming new friendships.  

This summer we are offering a new theme every week (see camp catalog). Some of the themed activities we will enjoy are creative art projects, cooking and baking, building, and active games. Children will have a lot of fun playing and bathing in the sun and water in our playground. A portion of each day will also be allotted for exploration of Montessori materials. 

Loudoun Montessori Summer Camp is open to all children between the ages of 16 month  and 12 years that may or may not be currently enrolled at LMS.   


Please choose one from our list of three options for each camp week you wish to enroll your child: 

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Week 1 & 2 : June 17 – June 28





        In this special camp students will celebrate the anniversary of the

        adoption of the Declaration of Independence! Students will learn

        about the history of our beautiful country through fun sensory

        activities and crafts (No school on July 4th).





Get Ready for a splashing good time at our "Splash into Summer:

Under the Sea Camp" where little ones can dive into a world of

Imagination, exploration, and pure joy! Each day brings a new

underwater adventure.







To Infinity and Beyond! Using a combination of math, science

and art, kids will turn mess making into learning! They will

engage in hands on activities and build rockets while learning

all about the planets, solar system, day and night, shadows,

and constellations. Children will learn how astronauts can

move on the moon and why we can live on Earth and not

other planets.








Let your child explore their chef ways through our cooking camp!

Students learn essential cooking tasks like cutting, measuring,

kneading, shaping, mixing, fixing and tasting with their fellow

classmates and teachers!


Under the Sea Adventure Camp

Week 4 & 5 : July 8 – July 19

Creative Art/Craft Camp

Find the artist in you! In this camp students will learn about

the great artists of the past and practice their techniques to                  make their very own masterpieces. This camp is all about creativity

and learning about all the different art forms. Students dive in to their imagination and use a variety of materials such as paint, paper plates, wires and even clay to construct daily crafts!

Week 3  July 1 – July 5
Week 6 & 7 : July 22- August 2 

Space Explorers Camp

Young Chefs Camp

Week 8 & 9 : August 5 – August 16th

Stars and Stripes

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