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“The Montessori program is deliberately designed to be a three-year program, and it is only in the third (or kindergarten) year that much of what has been developing finally blossoms.”

Tim Seldin, M.Ed., the President of The Montessori Foundation

Loudoun Montessori Kindergarten classroom offers many opportunities for students to expand their knowledge during the years when they are naturally motivated. The focus of the more complex Kindergarten curriculum and projects revolve around language, math, biology, botany, geography, physical sciences and history.

Kindergartners are part of the multi-age morning class until 12:00. The Kindergartners of the school come together and form the Kindergarten Club from 1:00 to 3:00. This kindergarten time allows for in-depth exploration of the world around us. Included in the curriculum is a broad emphasis on skill building.

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