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 Summer Camps 

At Loudoun Montessori Summer Camp, our goal is to provide a relaxed summer atmosphere where campers can retain and develop their skills through a combination of exciting adventures and creative opportunities for learning. Campers will have ample time for play, personal growth, and free exploration all while forming new friendships.  
This summer we are offering a new theme every week (see camp catalog). Some of the themed activities we will enjoy are creative art projects, cooking and baking, building, and active games. Children will have a lot of fun playing and bathing in the sun and water in our playground. A portion of each day will also be allotted for exploration of Montessori materials.
Loudoun Montessori Summer Camp is open to all children between the ages of 16months-7 years that may or may not be currently enrolled at LMS.  

Summer Camp week1

Summer Camp Week2

Week 1&2: June 21 – July 2
All American Road Trip Camp

Pack your bags LMS is taking a cross-country road trip throughout the United States .Students will explore and learn about remarkable landmarks, customs and traditions that make America great. ...  Join us the week before July 04th to celebrate America's  245th  Birthday.



Week 3 & 4: July 5 – July 16
Critter Connection Camp (Pond Life)

Pond Life is a wonderful preschool theme because it explores animals that many of our students see out in their own yards, parks, and neighborhood. Students will discover animals that live in  and around the pond while building math, literacy and math concepts.  They will engage in  science centers to learn about different  animal species, habitats and   behavior.

Week 5 & 6: July 19 – July 30
Space is the Place Camp

5,4,3,2,1 Space camp will be lots of fun with interacting hands on activities to extend stud1 \its' interest in space. Some of our topics will include day and night, shadows, constellations, moon and planet, solar system, rocket ship and we can't leave astronauts out of the fun


Week 7 & 8 : August 2 – August 13
Dino-Roars Camp


   Who doesn't love dinosaurs! Kids will go crazy over this jam-packed with engaging and exciting Dinosaur activities. Students will be exploring fossils while working on their academic skills, as well as playing a variety of games that encourage movements to practice social skills.

Week 9 August 16 - August 20

        Fairy tale Camp

    They will learn lessons about friendship, love, loss, growth, good, and evil. Students will learn about popular fairy tales like jack and the beanstalk, little red riding hood, Rapunzel. Students will be encouraged to play pretend play. while practicing their

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