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 Summer Camps 

At Loudoun Montessori Summer Camp, our goal is to provide a relaxed summer atmosphere where campers can retain and develop their skills through a combination of exciting adventures and creative opportunities for learning. Campers will have ample time for play, personal growth, and free exploration all while forming new friendships.  

This summer we are offering a new theme every week (see camp catalog). Some of the themed activities we will enjoy are creative art projects, cooking and baking, building, and active games. Children will have a lot of fun playing and bathing in the sun and water in our playground. A portion of each day will also be allotted for exploration of Montessori materials. 

Loudoun Montessori Summer Camp is open to all children between the ages of 18months-6 years that may or may not be currently enrolled at LMS.   

Week 1 & 2: June 15 – June 26

During Move! we will be exploring how to create simple machines and how they are used to cause motion. We’ll use ramps/inclined planes to see how objects can move up and down, how levers and fulcrums work, how pulleys make
moving objects easier, how screws move in and out, how we can use wedges, and how wheels can turn with the help of an axle.

Week 3 & 4: June29 – July 10

Play in the dirt and see what it takes for plants to grow! We’ll plant our own little garden and care for our plants by watering, fertilizing, and pulling weeds so our plants have enough room to grow. While we help our plants grow, we will be talking about how we grow using manners and etiquette. Using “please”, “thank you”, “you’re welcome”, and “I’m sorry” are phrases we will work on during camp.



Week 5 & 6: July 13 – July 24

Get ready to learn to prepare your own food in this camp. We’ll cook some basic foods at school, explore how yeast works (and make some bread), how to prepare fruits and vegetables to eat and which part of the fruits and vegetables are able to be consumed. Campers will be responsible for preparing their own snack every day. We will also be using some of the produce planted in the previous camp. Please let Loudoun Montessori know if you have any food restrictions or allergies so we can make appropriate adjustments to the camp.

Week 7 & 8: July 27 – August 07
Let’s doodle!

“Learn the rules like a pro in order to break them like an artist” – Pablo Picasso.
We will learn the basics of creating art through various techniques, materials and tools. Then using that knowledge we will come up with our own unique works of art.




Week 9 & 10 : August 10 – August 21


   Learn about different cultures and celebrate diversity! Learn to embrace each      other’s uniqueness and promote love,peace, respect and Kindness.

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