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4 Key Aspects in Capturing the Montessori Experience at Home

The home is where a child spends a majority of their time. It’s where their family is and where they learn to eat, laugh, and love. Most importantly, it is where they learn their values and habits. By incorporating a Montessori experience in the home, you can provide a safe and wondrous experience to nurture your child in.

Here are four easy ways to improve the Montessori experience at home to help your child during the most important developmental years of their life.


Once your child is at an age where they can start being independent, ease them into it! By allowing your child to do small things for themselves like pull up their own pants or even feed themselves, you are giving them control of their own being and giving them the freedom to do things for themselves. By doing this, you are giving your child an early start of learning how to function in daily life well beyond their years.


Talk with your child about anything and everything! By communicating at an early age, not only are you helping them with learning the names of things in the world around them, but you are also helping them learn how to talk. Children mimic what they hear around them and assume that is how everyone talks/behaves. Be respectful when speaking to your child and they will, in turn, learn to speak respectfully to others.

Modeling, not Correcting:

Whether you’re 60 years or 60 weeks old, you make mistakes. As a child is learning how to accomplish tasks, make sure to encourage them and guide them through it rather than punishing them or getting mad at the mistake. Teach your child why what they did is wrong so that they understand not to do it again. When learning to read or speak, encourage them to repeat any words they have misspoken by saying them correctly yourself. Be a model for your child, not a moderator.


Be patient with your child! Their minds are growing each day with wells of information rushing in all at once. By being patient and working with your child through any problems or issues they are having, you are helping them to actually learn and understand the world around them. So, while it may take them more than a couple of tries to put their pants on correctly or pronounce a word right, they will eventually get there with your guidance.

At Loudoun Montessori, we are determined to help your child grow to their best potential. Whether it be in a classroom or at home, the Montessori Experience allows your child to exceed past their age to gain a love and understanding of learning and the world around them. Contact us to see how you can start your Montessori journey with us today!

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