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Introduction to the Benefits of Montessori Education

It’s important that children have a strong foundation for their education. When considering early education for your child, make sure that you look at a Montessori school like Loudoun Montessori. The benefits that your child will receive from this type of education will give them a head start that will influence their entire education. It will help set them up for a successful education at all ages.

The Student

The Montessori curriculum focuses on the developmental stages of your child’s life. It’s important that these stages are handled with care. Younger children focus on developing motor skills and language skills. In a Montessori school they can develop motor skills through everyday practical life activities including care of self and care of the environment, grace and courtesy and cooking.

Montessori learning is child centered and hands on. Each student’s curriculum is uniquely designed to keep them challenged and engaged. They are able to explore the classroom and learn at their own pace with the guidance of their teacher.

Everything in the classroom is meant to fit the needs of the children. Children complete tasks for the enjoyment of the work, which also creates a natural path to creativity.

The educational material in a Montessori classroom is carefully arranged by subject and level of difficulty. When children are finished with their work, they are guided to put them back in their place. This sense of structure helps children with organization skills from an early age and opens up the learning process.

Montessori education is effective in developing certain skills. Studies show that Montessori education will increase math, reading and social developments skills. When children with a Montessori background are compared to children without a Montessori background, these skills surpass their counterparts.

The Teacher

In a Montessori school, the teacher doesn’t “run” the classroom. The teacher guides the students run the classroom. The teachers are there as advisors, but the students choose the activities that they would like to do throughout the day. It is a student led environment that helps empower the students to think and develop skills on their own. It encourages students to share and work together with their classmates. They learn the concepts of respect and the importance of community.

Even though children get to guide their day, there are still rules set for the class that are consistently enforced by the teacher. The environment naturally teaches the students self-discipline. The children quickly learn self-control and motivation.

The teachers are there to assist the students but they do not determine what the learning process looks like. They ensure that the ground rules are followed but the pace of learning is left up to the individual student.

Why you should Enroll Your Child in Loudoun Montessori

We know that the method developed by Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago really works. Let us show you how this type of education can help your child at home as well as in the classroom. Come learn more about the Montessori method and why starting your child off with the Montessori curriculum will give them a strong foundation for learning. Come schedule a tour of our school and learn how we can help your child get ahead and stay that way.

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