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Enrolling Your Child at Loudoun Montessori

Before applying for enrollment at Loudoun Montessori, you should stop by and take a tour of our school. You can always visit us at a scheduled open house event or request a private tour. Loudoun Montessori welcomes everyone with open arms. Our staff will be thrilled to meet you!

After receiving your application, your child will have the opportunity to come in and learn all about the classroom! As your child explores the classroom, our teachers will observe your child and we will be able to gain a perspective of him/her. Within a week, you'll hear back from us on enrollment for your child!

If your child is admitted and you decide to enroll, you should take the time to prepare them for school. It’s important to familiarize your child with Loudoun Montessori prior to starting. You could simply drive by the building prior to the start of school so that your child becomes familiar with the area. You could also call and schedule a meeting with the teacher a week before the start of school.

Be sure to mention Loudoun Montessori at home in regular conversation. It will make your child feel more confident knowing that you are knowledgeable about us. Also be sure to identify the teachers and other adults by name to help your child establish trust. While at home, you should allow your child to establish their independence to prepare them for independence in the classroom.

Most importantly, discuss what will happen when school starts. Going through a description of what will happen before and throughout the school day will give your child an idea of what’s going to happen so that they can feel more comfortable. When dropping them off at school make your “goodbyes” brief and positive to decrease the chances of separation anxiety.

All of these things will help ease the transition so that your child will be able to feel at home when they are with us. When you enroll your child in Loudoun Montessori, you will not be disappointed! Once your child is settled and adjusted they will find a sense of comfort and be able to excel in the Montessori curriculum.

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